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OGB Appreciation Day : SQLcl

Picture from Oracle.com

I am really glad to participate in #ThanksOGB this year. The 2017 edition (called #ThanksODC at that time) was actually the starting point of my blogging journey.

This year, I will not surprisingly talk about a Command Line Interface again : Oracle SQL Developer Command Line, as known as SQLcl.

What is it ?

Simply put :

SQLcl is a command-line interface for Oracle Database that combines the power of SQL*Plus and SQL Developer

Or : it is like SQL*Plus, but much better ;-). I could not live without it. OK, I work less efficiently without it.

Of course I cannot explain all the powerful features of this great tool in this blog post. Instead, I’ll give you a short list of very interesting ones, along with relevant documentation or blog posts (the Internet is full of excellent resources on SQLcl) :

Why can’t I live without it ?

Here are some reasons :

  • The format option lets you format the output in many different ways, as described in this blog post by Kris Rice. In particular, I made ansiconsole my default using login.sql file. Judge for yourself : connect to your favourite database with SQLcl, type set sqlformat ansiconsole, run a query and let the magic happen !
  • Custom aliases are easy to create. An old blog post I wrote contains some examples (and you can also define them with login.sql). There is also a lot of already existing shortcuts to make your life easier : APEX to list APEX apps, CTAS for create table as select, DDL to get an object DDL …
  • Simple but useful, auto-completion of keywords works with tab !
  • One feature that I haven’t tested yet but looks promising is the integration of Liquibase starting from version 19.2. Here is a blog post by Jeff Smith and the official documentation regarding this feature.
  • And last but not least, emojis can be used as a delimiter \o/

I hope you are now convinced that SQLcl is your new best friend ! And if you want to learn new tricks regularly, follow @oraclesqlcl on Twitter !

ODC Appreciation Day : DMU – Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode


(Picture from Oracle.com)

It was very difficult for me to choose a topic for #ThanksODC this year 🙂 I finally decided to talk about something very useful, but maybe not so widespread.

For once, I am going to praise a GUI 🙂 : The Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU). Migrating a database’s character set is not trivial. This is why DMU comes in handy.

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ODC Appreciation Day : EM CLI

When I first started as a DBA two years ago, the colleague in charge of my training thought that I would rather use several GUIs to complete most of the tasks. He said it was because of my age … But he quickly found out that I was more comfortable with CLIs.

For this very first blog post, I would like to participate in the ODC Appreciation Day and talk about a tool I really recommend : EM CLI.

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