BARRIELE_Flora_OracleAce_PortraitMy name is Flora, I have a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Paris. I worked for 6 years as an IT operations engineer in a big telecommunication company, and then moved to Switzerland to start working as an Oracle Database engineer.

As I am commited to encourage women in technology and promote diversity, I became co-organizer of Geneva chapter of Geek Girls Carrots, a global grassroots organisation focused on attracting women to tech.

I read so many interesting contents on blogs or social media everyday, which provide great technical advice or non-technical but still fascinating opinions. Achievements or struggles from other people taught me a lot.

That is why I would like to give back and share little things that could help. I hope articles on this blog can be useful to you in any way (and help me to remember handy things I tend to forget !)

Besides new technologies, I enjoy dancing, traveling and I love music.

Feel free to contact me :

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