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Fun with Access Control Entries in Oracle 12cR1 – Part 1 : A way to extract ACE without Data Pump

Château de Versailles, Grille royale.

(Picture by Miguel Hermoso Cuesta (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

My work environment has approximately 100 production databases and 400 non-production databases. We developed a self-service web application (with APEX 😉 ) that offers developers the right to clone databases. We have some development databases with ACL, concerning development hosts, which are relevant only in development environment. And of course, some production databases with ACL, concerning production hosts, which are relevant only in production environment.

What happens when we duplicate a production database on a development database ? The ACL from the production database are now on the development database. And the development ACL are gone, obviously.

What can we do to keep those development ACL on the development database after a duplication ?

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