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New in 19 : Oracle Network Log File Segmentation with LOG_FILE_NUM_listener_name and LOG_FILE_SIZE_listener_name

Photo by Chris Greenhow on Unsplash

I started off the new year by reading the Oracle Database 19c New Features Guide and I came across a very nice new feature : Oracle Network Log File Segmentation. It is now possible to specify a maximum file size for listener logs and a maximum number of files to keep. In previous versions, only log.xml was segmented in chunks of 10Mb, but not the plain text listener.log.

The Net Services Administrator’s Guide briefly describes this feature and the Database Net Services Reference gives a definition of 2 new parameters in listener.ora :

  • LOG_FILE_NUM_listener_name : To specify the number of log file segments. At any point of time there can be only n log file segments where n is LOG_FILE_NUM_listener_name. If the log grows beyond this number, then the older segments are deleted.
  • LOG_FILE_SIZE_listener_name : To specify the size of each log file segment. The size is in MB.
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