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Oracle Data Guard Broker 18 : new VALIDATE NETWORK CONFIGURATION command

(Photo by Chrissa Giannakoudi, on Unsplash)

There is a very handy new command available in Oracle Data Guard Broker 18c. Too bad I discovered it AFTER I solved my problem 😉
This quick blog post demonstrates what can be easily spotted with this new VALIDATE NETWORK CONFIGURATION command.

In this example, I have 2 sites, each with a 2-node Oracle 18.6 Grid Infrastructure cluster. On both clusters, there is an Oracle 18.6 RAC database.
The primary database on site 1 is called tool, and the standby database on site 2 is called opeth. Both RAC databases have 2 instances.

I had trouble setting a correct Oracle Data Guard configuration between database tool and database opeth.

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Exadata Cloud at Customer : Automate CDB lifecycle with REST APIs in PL/SQL – Part 2

(Photo by Francesco Gallarotti, on Unsplash)

Following the first part of this blog serie, here are some new useful functions to automate CDB lifecycle on Exadata Cloud at Customer. Please make sure to read the previous post first, as it contains all the rudiments to build the PL/SQL package.

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