Exadata Cloud at Customer : Reinstall Cloud Tooling


(Photo by Joël Assuied, on Unsplash)

I just started working on Exadata Cloud at Customer. And with this, come my first mistakes 😉
One of my compute node had all cloud tooling scripts located in the adequate directories :

# ls -l /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/
-r-xr-xr-x  1 oracle oinstall    0 Feb  4 21:23 exadbcpatchsm
-r-xr-xr-x  1 oracle oinstall    0 Feb  4 21:23 exadbcpatchmulti
-r-xr-xr-x  1 oracle oinstall    0 Feb  4 21:23 exadbcpatch

but for an obscure reason (made of failed update combined with full filesystem), they were all emtpy.

Cloud Tooling was considered installed :

# rpm -qa | grep -i dbaastools_exa

But of course, unusable.

First, I cleanly deinstalled it :

# rpm -ev dbaastools_exa

Ok, but where can I get the rpm back ?
Since it is an Exadata Cloud at Customer, it should be available on the local Object Storage. After cross-checking documentation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (public cloud) and Exadata Cloud at Customer, I figured out the rpm should be available there :


Once I got the rpm, I re-installed it :

# rpm -ivh dbaastools_exa.rpm

Then, I tried to use Cloud Tooling again, to list available patches for example :

# /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/exadbcpatch -list_tools

Logfile is /var/opt/oracle/log/exadbcpatch/exadbcpatch_2019-02-20_15:13:22.log
Config file is /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/exadbcpatch.cfg

Location of inventory.xml is set to /u01/app/oraInventory/ContentsXML/inventory.xml
INFO: tools images available for patching

oss_patch:Failure cannot get updated information from  https://storage.us2.oraclecloud.com/v1/dbcsswlibp-usoracle29538/dbaas_patch/shome/exa_map

What’s wrong ?
In the corresponding log file, I found the following message :

2019-02-20 15:13:25 - INFO: oss_container_url is not given, using the default

Indeed, the deinstall process also removed configuration file /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/exadbcpatch.cfg and recreated a fresh one :

# rpm -qpil dbaastools_exa.rpm | grep exadbcpatch.cfg

The correct local URL, stored in variable oss_container_url of /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/exadbcpatch.cfg, was lost, and a default URL on public cloud was used instead (but no internet access 🙂 )
Setting the correct URL for variable oss_container_url in /var/opt/oracle/exapatch/exadbcpatch.cfg solved this final error.

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